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Free 2 Learn - Ep 6 - Pauly Hart

September 9, 2020

On this week’s Free2Learn podcast we talk to Pauly Hart, Executive Director of Lead to Read in Kansas City, MO.

Starting in 2011, Lead to Read KC has grown into Kansas City’s largest literacy volunteer organization. Connecting with over 1,100 students through 50 urban classrooms across the metropolitan area. Each week volunteers join students for a half hour to meet with them to read. Thirty minutes of one on one reading may not sound like a lot, but this time makes a difference in each student’s reading skills.

Pauly Hart came to Lead to Read with a robust career including a background in education. In 2015 Pauly joined the Lead to Read team to help promote literacy in the Kansas City Metro area. In early 2020 when Covid-19 shut down the country, leaving organizations like Lead to Read the challenge of how to serve their students in a safe and effective way. Pauly and Scott talk about how to keep the momentum of the students reading skills? What are the challenges of mobilizing books to over 1,100 people? And can volunteers virtually reading be as effective as mentoring in the classroom?

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